1st Time Visitor Receives the Baptism!



God did not change! He’s still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!! And what He did 2000 years ago, He’s still doing it today!!
Tonight we had a 1st time visitor come to our adult youth meeting in Beirut. Our lesson was about bringing the word of God to remembrance, and our visitor got curious and started asking questions. We shared with him the Christian faith and the Gospel according to the Apostles of Christ: Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and Jesus’s commandment that those who believe must be baptized.
Our visitor asked to pray and as we prayed with him, the Holy Ghost fell on him just like it did on Cornelius in the Book of Acts chapter 10 and verse 44, then we commanded him to be baptized like Peter did in Acts 10:47-48!
He came out of the water rejoicing as the spirit of God was poured on him! Glory to God!!
This is the 2nd X-Muslim who’s received the baptism of the Holy Ghost this month! —Revival!!