2 More Souls Baptized In Lebanon Today!

Great report from Lebanon this morning: There was an awesome spirit of worship. Brother Jacob preached a powerful message on baptism! We had 2 new visitors and 2 people gave their lives to God and were baptized in Jesus Name! Giving God Glory!!!! #Middleeast4Christ 

Video Clip From The Latter Rain Conference 2016!

we thank the Lord for a powerful Latter Rain Conference in Lebanon last month! Many lives were changed and touched by the power of the Holy Ghost. The Middle East is ready for revival! #middleeast4christ

1st time visitor weeps at the altar! 

Where there’s a repentative heart, there the presence of God manifests with grace & mercy! 

Church this past Sunday in Lebanon was full of God’s love & mercy. A young lady who was visiting our mission work in Beirut for the 1st time felt compelled to come to the front and pray. The presence of God was so strong that she wept for a while as the Holy Ghost was mending her heart! 

The altar was full of people seeking God as there was a great response to the preaching of the Gospel. Pastor preached a beautiful message on “The House of Stones” Jesus being the chief corner stone!

We continue to thank the Lord for the open door he has given us in the Middle East to preach the love of Christ through this powerful & life changing Gospel!  


“The Oil of Joy!”

Brother J. Azar preached an anointed message this Sunday on, “The Oil of Joy!”
The whole service was encompassed by the Spirit of God and His love. Church service was amazing! #MiddleEast4Christ