Investing in Children’s Lives in the Middle East!

We believe both academic and spiritual development are vital for early education and character building for our children in the Middle East. Beirut Bridge of Hope School focuses on providing both! BBHope started with 10 children in 2016 we have now over 98 registries for 2018-2019 school year! Thanks be to God!

What do I need to do to become a Christian?

She walked into our church in Beirut this past Wednesday. Her parents had abandoned her and she had no one to help. She stayed with one of our church families who volunteered to take her in and show her God’s love and kindness. Last night as she sought God with tears at the prayer meeting, she asked afterward “what do I need to to become a Christian?” Today she put on Christ in water baptism! Acts 2:38 Galatians 3:27 #MiddleEast4Christ

A small place!

There’s a small place, in the midst of a troubled region of the world, where Syrian refugee children can have love, joy, and an opportunity to learn. So thankful for the ministry of Beirut Bridge of Hope!

Bridge of Hope School!

We had a great staff meeting at Bridge of Hope School in Beirut today in preparation 4 new school year starting this fall. 2nd floor School expansion almost finished! We’ll be getting ready for desks chairs, etc. soon! #middleeast4christ