2 More Baptisms In Beirut!

Thanking God for a new family who’s children are enrolled in Bridge of Hope School in Beirut and has been attending church for the last several months.

God moved on their hearts this past Sunday and sought God with tears at the altar. Then we followed up with them with a Bible study and they were baptized in Jesus Name just like was commanded in Acts 2:38.

The father, Brother Mohammad told us he was born as a yazidis, raised as a Muslim, but now he choose to become a Christian! To God be the glory!!! #MiddleEast4Christ http://www.memissions.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/trim_a9a7130a-5323-4be0-85a6-29c8e50db954.mov


“Fulness of time!”

We’re thanking the Lord for wonderful church service in Beirut this weekend!

Pastor Damon Mckillop from NB, Canada preached a powerful message on the “Fulness of time!” Several repeat and new visitors responded to the preaching and sought the Lord with tears at the altar! Giving God all the glory!!! #MiddleEast4Christ