“Upon arriving in Beirut, I really didn’t know what to expect of the country, culture,
or the churches. Bro. A. met us at the airport and began to take us to our hotel
in Byblos. As we traveled through Lebanon, he pointed out which neighborhoods
were Muslim strongholds. Then, to my surprise, he began to tell us of the
Christian influence within many communities. I was caught off guard by how
tolerant Lebanon was to Christians. I never once felt unsafe in this country. I was
also amazed at the beauty of the land. From the majestic snow capped mountains
covered with cedars to the gorgeous beaches that frame the famous rocks of
Rawsha, Lebanon is rich with breathtaking scenery. Perhaps, what impressed me
more than anything was the liberty experienced in their churches. Every service
was power packed and ended with someone’s life being changed.

In short, this great work deserves your prayers and support. Also, if you’re
blessed with the chance to visit this country, go.” Rev. K. Chessor, Baton Rouge, LA.


“I am so thankful the lord allowed me to experience the great revival that is taking place in the Middle East. This was one of the most impacting mission trips I have ever been on. God poured out His Spirit in a mighty way and He is revealing Himself to Muslims in dreams and divine visitations. We had one Muslim woman come into our Apostolic service for the first time and she left being filled with the Holy Ghost. The Promise of the Holy Ghost is for all who are called!

I was most impacted by the people of Lebanon and their tenacity to contend for the Apostolic Faith. They are not afraid to preach the gospel. I was blessed by their experiences of going and preaching outside the dance clubs and in the streets. I truly felt like I was walking in the book of Acts on this mission. If you ever have the chance to take a mission to the Middle East do not hesitate. If the Lord leads you to go don’t look back. Your life will be forever impacted. God bless the ALJC and the Work in the Middle East. Thank you Rev. T. A. for your passion and leadership, God is going to send a mighty revival to this region of the world.” Rev. J. Wilson, Carmel, IN.


“The Middle East is blessed to have such a man of vision as T. A. to head up a work in that region. His efforts have already left a lasting impression on the area.
My wife and I were privileged to be part of the Latter Rain conference in Lebanon, and the Lord was at work. Many were filled with the Spirit. The Word did not return void!
Additionally, it was quite an experience to visit such historic sites as the cities of Tyre & Sidon, and the Cedars of Lebanon. Even the snowball fight with T. A. at the Cedars was invigorating!
Elaine & I will forever cherish our time in Lebanon. We are so thankful to have been part of the first ever Latter Rain conference, and know that under the guidance of Brother T.  A., the Middle East will be won for Christ!” Rev. S. Solomon, Maryville, TN.


“My recent trip to the middle east was incredible.  Brother T. A. and the men in Lebanon inspired me.  They are consumed with truth and a desire to see it preached everywhere.  There is such a hunger for truth and revival in this region.  They are building churches and raising leaders.  In the short time we were there 15 received the Holy Ghost and 10 were baptized in Jesus name.  I was honored to work with these men and I will never forget this experience.  I recommend everyone that can should go and experience this great revival God is sending to the middle east.” Evangelist J. Chessor Jr


“Church growth is a natural occurrence when a church is healthy.  Some of the major attributes of a healthy church are the structure of the leadership and the organization of the local assembly.  As a pastor visiting and participating in the Middle East Conference 2012 in Lebanon I was greatly encouraged by the health of the churches in Byblos and Beirut, Lebanon due to the structure and organization that I observed. Not only is God moving in this area right now but also these churches have cast a wider vision for the work of God as they reach into the surrounding countries.  This vision is more than just a concept for them.  They are extremely proactive in that they are aggressively pursuing this type of outreach on a consistent basis.  It is my estimation that they have the structure and organization in place to be able to receive the outpouring of God upon this country and the regions around them.”  Pastor J. Hodum, Collinwood, TN.

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