New Hope Center Planted In Beirut!

We’re excited to share with you that we have leased a bldg. in order to plant a Hope Center in the Capital of Beirut, Lebanon! God has blessed us with a beautiful facility in a great location! It’s within walking distance from thousands of Syrian refugees, homeless and hungry people in the heart of Beirut and close to many families and orphans we’ve been working with!
The facility is about 600 sq. meter (6,500 sq. feet) and will serve as a church, school for the orphans and a training center for leadership and new ministers. It will also have a kitchen to feed the poor through our mission to feed the hungry, Project5000ME

We want to say, “Thank you!” to all our supporters who’ve made the planting of this new Hope Center in the heart of the Middle East possible!
We look forward to having this new place serve as a lighthouse in a dark place, a place of refuge to many!
Our current need is to equip the place with church equipment, a kitchen, as well as desks for the orphan’s school.
Please bless this mission by sending a donation via Paypal or through mail at:

Middle East 4 Christ
P. O. Box 1892
Cleveland, GA. 30528

Thank you and God bless you!


Over half of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are children

20131004-055244.jpg More than 4,000 Syrian children have crossed borders into neighboring countries, such as Lebanon and Jordan without parents or adult relatives and without the protection of guardians, extraordinarily vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Of the 4,150 Syrian children identified and registered, at least 1,698 are in Lebanon.

Each of those children had witnessed, or been a victim of horrific levels of violence in Syria, adding that some children ran for their lives from the fighting, while others went to find relatives who had earlier left. Still others were being sent away to avoid conscription.

Most of them roam the streets of Beirut, or stand by intersections, begging drivers for help.