1st Night Spring Conference 2019!

Giving God glory for a powerful 1st night of Spring Conference 2019 in Beirut, Lebanon last night! Pastor Daniel McKillop preached a powerful message on the separation & the gathering from the book of Genesis chapter 1. Many first time visitors responded to altar call & sought God! Church was greatly edified & the Lord Jesus Christ was highly glorified!!! #MiddleEast4Christ

“When God Deals With Your Heart!”

We’re thanking God for a wonderful church service in Beirut Lebanon today! The presence of God was so powerful, many responded to the preaching of the Gospel and came forward to the altar as God started dealing with their hearts! To God be the glory!!! #MiddleEast4Christ

Revival in Lebanon!

We’re thanking God for powerful past several weeks at our church in Beirut, Lebanon!

God’s been drawing people off the streets into the altar. Repeat visitors continue to seek God and the church is growing spiritually and in Truth! To God be the glory!!!