One More Family Comes To Christ in Lebanon!

There’s no greater joy than to see someone come to Christ, repent of their sins and experience the new birth according to the Gospel of John 3:5! 

This family has been visiting our church since our Latter Rain Conference this past April. We were privileged to visit their home in Beirut and teach them a Bible study. They received the revelation of the name of Jesus and God’s plan of salvation. Today they came to church on an off night eager to put on Christ in baptism as in Galatians 3:27! 

Giving God all the glory!!! #MiddleEast4Christ 

From Beirut to the World!

Our family loves brother Mack! He’s originally from Sudan but his family moved to Lebanon when he was only two years old. At the age of sixteen,  a little over two years ago, he was passing by our church in Beirut and felt drawn to come in. Sitting in the back with a backpack, at 1st we thought maybe he was a terrorist checking our church out! But a couple of weeks later, he made his way to the altar, repented of his sins, and was baptized in Jesus Name and was filled with the Holy Ghost! 

Brother Mack never missed a service, he has been faithful. He adhered to the Apostolic doctrine and holiness, played the guitar at church and he was always there to help in anything we asked. He’ll be greatly missed as he has immigrated and left to London yesterday. We pray the Lord continues to use him greatly! 

Our mission work in Beirut has reached many people from different nations that used Lebanon as a holding place until they were able to immigrate to other countries. Sometimes we feel like we’re evangelizing the world from right here in Beirut! 

God has blessed us, we’ve been able to witness to Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptian, etc. and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with them.

Many families and individuals from these nations have converted and have been members of our church, however, due to various difficulties they were forced to immigrate to other countries.  Today our church has members that have immigrated to Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia and now England. 


Pentecost Day In Beirut! 

Unexpected move of the Holy Ghost at church in Beirut! 

God led our pastor to have couple of saints testify about the work of God in their lives. As testimonies came forth, praise unto God followed. One sister who’s been attending our church came to the front, knelt and started weeping in the presence of God. Suddenly, as she lifted up her hands towards heaven, the Holy Ghost fell, as with the house of Cornelius in the book of Acts chapter 10, and she started speaking in tongues as the spirit gave her the utterance! #MiddleEast4Christ