Beirut Children

It’s sad to see how young are the children walking and running between the cars in the streets of Beirut. They are begging for help and money on almost every intersection. Some are as young as 4 years old. If you meet them, they are the sweetest children, yet they are sent by their parents out into the streets to bring home money. They often get abused, run over by cars and most of them can’t come back home at night without bringing a certain amount. It breaks our hearts, but it makes me so thankful for our little Bridge of Hope School. We might not be able to take all the children but we’ll take what we can and make a difference in their lives! Out of more than 140 applicants so far, we have been able to take just over 60 for this school year. Very thankful for having Beirut Bridge Of Hope a safe haven to these children! #BeirutBridgeofHope

Beirut Bridge of Hope