Sunday School Revival!

‎”Prayers have been answered and the Sunday School Revival Service started today morning at 10.15am. With the help of many, we were able to achieve the goal of redecorating the Sunday School section. I wish to thank all those who aided us in for the beginning of the training of God’s next generation, and i thank Jesus for Sister M. for being such a helpful blessing. I would like to thank my best friend and brother Pastor S. S. for being a blessing to me, because through him I was able to realize my calling with the Sunday School Service. Last but definitely not least, a big thank you to Pastor R. K. for all the times he allowed us to nag, and listened, about the thing we needed for this service. And he was always so generous to us. I thank Jesus for all the great blessings He is pouring unto us. We pray that these be the beginning and never the end.” The Apostolic Church of Lebanon

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