Revival in the Middle East!

God moved in a powerful way during the week long conference in Lebanon! Many lives were touched and changed and the churches were edified!

One of the most moving events I experienced while there, was when a first time Muslim Shiite visitor, came to the front for prayer. While praying with her, a wave of the presence of the Lord came over her and she started crying, saying, “I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus.” and was filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost!

God is moving in a powerful way in the Middle East and revealing himself in visions and dreams to Muslims!  We truly believe we’re in a season of harvest!

After the conference in Lebanon, we went to Egypt along with our Lebanese minister, Pastor Fadi and an Egyptian Minister Pastor Zakaria.  We were invited to preach a service to many whom Pastor Fadi has witnessed to online. The meeting was in an underground place in Cairo. Some people drove for three hours to be there.  The Lord led me to preach that night about the “Revelation of Jesus. and in the middle of the message, my interpreter, a doctor, saw the revelation and started shouting and praising God! The altars were full and several were baptized in Egypt!

Despite the spiritual darkness that we see surrounding that part of the world, God is penetrating strong holds and setting captives free throughout the Middle East!

As the mission work is growing rapidly, and spreading into Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Morocco, we feel a great urgency to start a Bible school in Lebanon. Lebanon is the only remaining country in the Middle East that has a level of tolerance (in certain areas) for evangelism and Christian outreach. Being licensed and government recognized as a religious organization in Lebanon, we have the liberty to operate freely and plant churches.

We’re praying that the Lord will help us and give us the means to build a Bible school, where we can bring the one called to the ministry from throughout the Middle East into Lebanon for training and discipleship. We want to train locals, who speaks the language and know the culture, to plant churches throughout the Middle East!

We ask you to please continue to pray for the mission work in the Middle East and prayerfully consider partnering with us!


Middle East 4 Christ

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