Powerful Last 2 Days of 2015 Latter Rain Conference!

We thank the Lord for a tremendous Conference in Lebanon this past weekend! Every night we’ve had a breaking record of visitors who many of them heard the Gospel being preached for the 1st time! 

The altars were full of people repenting & turning their hearts to God. Couple of baptisms! Several healing also took place and a woman who couldn’t see due to an eye disease shouted out with joy after being prayed for that she could now see! 

Our hearts are overwhelmed from all what the Lord has done! We believe this conference has given our mission work in Lebanon a new momentum! Revival is eminent in the Middle East! 

Words can’t describe our gratitude to all the pastors who flew into Lebanon to preach our Conference. Thank you Pastor Lang, Pastor Perdue and Pastor Vazquez for pouring your heart and making the 2015 Latter Rain Conference a great success! And to all our friends who’ve been faithfully supporting this mission work. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without you. Thank you from all our hearts!