One Bottle of Water!

Yesterday, there was a covered family walking with all their belongings in hand and 4 small children. They stopped to get a water bottle in the shop where I was. A little boy, who looked to be about 4 yrs. old,followed his daddy, hanging on his arm, anticipating the water…they all looked so parched. He bought the water and went to sit down to drink it, there were six of them and one water bottle. They look so thirsty and worn out. They were obviously homeless and wandering; the kids were so dirty. I immediately went and bought some more water and went to give it to them. I smiled and asked them to take it as I put it down beside them but left quickly as to not insult the fathers pride. I did not look back but I am positive they enjoyed that extra water bottle. May God get the glory!
I can’t wait to get more going with Project5000ME, feeding the hungry in the Middle East. We eventually want a place these poor souls can stop and rest, recharge, grab a meal, a drink and a tract. This would be such a tremendous testimony of the Lord’s goodness during this day and hour in Lebanon!
If you would like to find out how you can help, please visit our website page at:
God bless you!


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