God’s Faithful!

Early this year, this sister took her son and crossed over a bridge that connects the area where she lives, to where the church is located. While walking she was praying that God would lead her and her family to a church. She saw the cross on the front of the building. It was a Thursday night, she walked inside during our prayer meeting. She felt drawn to come to the front, knelt at the altar, and cried out to God.
The following Sunday she brought her husband to Church, and soon they both gave their lives to God and were baptized in the Name of Jesus!
It wasn't long after that, God filled this Sister with the Holy Ghost. They kept on coming faithfully to the church, receiving the Word of God with joy. This past Sunday, her husband received the baptism of the Holy Ghost also with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
God's faithful! #MiddleEast4Christ