A Look Back at 2020!

Looking back at what the Lord has done in 2020 and what He’s already doing in 2021 in Lebanon, we rejoice about the faithfulness and the goodness of God in every stage our mission work has gone through.

There’s no doubt that last year, with a nation wide revolution, economic and financial meltdown, Covid-19 pandemic and the extreme lock down and the finally with the Beirut explosion that took almost half our city and left over 300,000 people without homes, Lebanon continues to mourn and struggle as hope of a better future gets dimmer and dimmer. But we thank the Lord, that even though the world and governments have no hope to offer, Jesus Christ remains the hope of the world and the hope of Lebanon! And the Church, whom He has established in Beirut remains a lighthouse for those who are afflicted, broken and without hope! Jesus can change everything and give beauty for ashes!

We ask you to continue to pray for Lebanon as it remains the only open door to preach the Gospel freely and openly in the Middle East! Since early January of 2021, the country continues on one of the severe lock downs since the spread of the Pandemic. We’re believing God to change the situation and help the doors of the church reopen again, In Jesus Name!